Role-Playing and Anime

Role-Playing, Or RP’s, is a popular activity for anime fans across all fandoms. Role-Playing is the act of impersonating your favorite character from an anime series with another person as another character and to talk to back and forth as those characters.

Most RP’s are of someone’s OTP (One True Pairing) or a couple they ship together. I am currently in a RP with someone with the ship JeanMarco from Attack on Titan.

The girl I am in the RP in with is Marco Bodt while I am Jean Kirschtein and we get together on Skype chat to talk to each other as those characters. The characters choose the plot of the story and there is no set end or plans for plot unless spoken and agreed upon OOC (Out Of Character: as ourselves).

Marco Bodt

Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan

I was really scared at first to try it. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if they got angry with me when I was trying to learn how to do this? I was really fortunate to have paired up with someone on Omegle one day who was patient with me from the start and the RP we have going is so great, I am writing a fan fiction based off of it.

Another great thing about role-playing is that you can become the character and feel what they are feeling in the RP and you can channel what they are presented as in the anime and bring that in as well.

Jean Kirschtein

Jean Kirschtein from Attack on Titan

When role-playing Jean, you have to channel his arrogance, anger, sadness, and selfishness all at once, since he changes in the anime after Marco dies and loses the only person who believed in him. Jean also happens to be in my Top 3 males from SNK that I like and to role play him almost comes second nature. It might also have to do with me having the same amount of patience as Jean, which is in the negative. I can honestly say, when I am Jean, I get all giddy with feelings because I ship JeanMarco like peanut butter and jelly and admit it, I am Jean Kirschtein from Trost *wink wink*. 



So if you or anyone wants to try Role-Playing anime characters or ships I recommend few things:

1. Choose a ship/pairing that you ship and make sure the character is someone you like: You won’t be interested if it’s a character you don’t like or understand.

2. Don’t stress over it, everything is improvised: You think of lines and plot as it goes on. It doesn’t have to be a long , on-going story.

3. Get to know your RP partner OOC. It helps you feel comfortable being in a RP with them in the long-run if you plan on doing it for more than one round or story line.

4. Have fun: This is your chance to act as your favorite character with someone else. Have fun and enjoy being a fictional character for a while.