Being Obsessed with Anime: is it bad?

A lot of my non-anime friends have recently asked me if I was okay. Am I sick? Am I going through a rough time? Maybe. But the reason they were asking me this is because of my recent liking to anime. Today, I will answer some common statements I get from people.

“Oh my goodness how are you into that?” 

“Why do you like Attack on Titan so much, it’s all you talk about.”

I have to admit, I am becoming more and more into the anime scene and it has to do because of my liking to Attack on Titan. But I don’t see it as a bad thing like others do.

Anime has helped my panic attacks become less and less, especially with the introduction of fan fiction and RP’s lately. It helps me become sleepy and tired to guide me straight into sleep or sometimes I end up falling asleep with my phone in my face

Anime, specifically Attack on Titan, has also led me to a new group of online friends who understand what I go through in day to day life, like my panic attacks.

“But everyone out there is a creepy 44-year-old man pedophile person.”

No, they are not. these select few people and I have been in group chats with other people where we have seen each other’s faces  to put with our Tumblr pages. These people get me through the day and vice versa. Some are slightly older than me, some are younger, but what we all have in common is what matters.

“But it will make you believe in crazy things like magic and violence.”

The same can be said about me watching Harry Potter and playing Call of Duty. Just because I watch Harry Potter doesn’t make me think magic is real and playing Call of Duty does not make me want to be violent.

“I’m not into anime, I don’t know how you like that stuff. It’s boring”

Oh sweetie. I’ve been saying the same thing for over four years and all it took was one exceptional anime to for this to happen to me. My reasoning over this is because I like action with a good plot and Attack on Titan brings that to the table.


That’s how being obsessed with anime is not a bad thing for me. Do you think anime could be considered a bad thing at some point?