Testing New Waters: Watching a New Anime

If you’re someone like me who is afraid to try new things, then you might know where I’m coming from with this post.

I am a junior in college and I haven’t even so much as passed a glance at anime since high school when my roommate showed me Attack on Titan in August. I was skeptical, of course. Every anime I was shown since 2010 only kept my interest until the end of the first episode.

Since entering the Attack on Titan fandom, I have been afraid of trying out a new anime. Am I replacing Attack on Titan as my favorite anime? Will I compare a completely different anime to Attack on Titan? Is it even possible to like another anime as much as I like Attack on Titan?

It’s been on my mind for a while now. I have, however, chosen to at least sit through, at minimum, the 1st three episodes of Noragami. I chose this anime because of my roommate’s recommendation and also because Levi and Eren’s Voice actors are in it, so I can have comfort having something from Attack on Titan in there.

My consensus? I’m already on episode 5 and I can’t stop watching it. I may have discovered a new fandom to belong to. I realized that i’m not ┬áreplacing Attack on Titan like I thought I would. I’m still scared to try anything that my roommate wont recommend, but I am glad I decided to watch this anime