mardi gras

Anime, Mardi Gras, and Sleep, Oh My!

Today is my first full day of Mardi Gras break from school. I keep getting asked by my friends who don’t live here in Southern Louisiana if I’m going to parades and which ones I’m going to. I simply tell them no and every response I get is “are you crazy? why?”

My answer is this.

I am not a large crowd type of person. I am in constant fear that I will be the one who gets mugged, pickpocketed, and so on. I am also the person, who for the past several years, just stayed home and done nothing. If i did go to a parade, I was with friends at all times and it was always a small parade.

Obviously, now that I am into anime, my options for entertainment have increased, but I just don’t see the big spectacle in pushing people for plastic beads that I already have a lot of.

So what will I do with 5 days off? Of course I have some work to get a head start on for school, but i’m not stressing myself over it. Instead I’ll read fan fiction, sleep, and spend time with my mom. There’s no better way I could imagine spending my break.

I know it’s different for people who are not from around here, I get that! I love experiencing new things in different places. But for me, this is what Mardi Gras is to me. Time to have some relaxation and peace.