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Bryce Papenbrook Announced as Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan Dub

Bryce Papenbrooke Facebook cover photo

Bryce Papenbrook changes his Facebook cover photo to Eren’s eyes after the announcement at Anime Boston on March 22, 2014

The news numerous Attack on Titan fans have been impatiently waiting for since Funimation released the English cast of the series has finally been announced. Bryce Papenbrook, known for his role in Blue Exorcist as Rin Okumura and Red from Pokemon Origins, has been revealed at Anime Boston today as Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan.

As the main protagonist of the series, Bryce will be leading the way into the dubbed version of the series. Click here to see the official trailer of Attack On Titan dub and hear a clip of Bryce Papenbrook as Eren!

What do you think of Funimation’s choice for Eren?


Final Round of Attack On Titan dub voice actors revealed

630xAlas, We have reached the final day of voice actor releases. Yesterday the voice actor for Mikasa Ackerman was released along with Mina Carolina. Today, the voices of Armin Arlert, Reiner Braun, and Annie Leonhardt was also released. This leaves Eren’s reveal for Anime Boston and I have a feeling most of us can guess who it is and I am not happy about it.

Here you go guys, the last reveal list for Attack on Titan English dub voices. Click here for a clip of Mikasa and the group and click here for a clip of Armin, Marco, Reiner, and Annie

Also check out bertl-bear-the-titan on tumblr. He is the one posting all the clips and releases and go to Funimation’s website for up-to-date information about the series.

* Mikasa Ackerman – Trina Nishimura
* Reiner Braun – Robert McCollum
* Annie Leonhardt – Lauren Landa
* Armin Arlert– Josh Grelle
* Mina Carolina – Alexis Tipton
* Thomas Wagner – Duncan Brannan
Hugo – Tyson Rinehart
Ian – Scott Freeman
Milieus – Joel McDonald
Mitabi – Kyle Hebert
Mobb – Matthew Ham
Samuel – Dave Trosko
Tom – Tyler Walker
Wald – Barry Yandell
Woerman – Christopher Sabat

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Second and Third Round of Attack on Titan Dub Voice Actors Released

Guys, I’m just so excited because the guy that voices Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6 is Levi. (Please excuse me while I go fangirl in the corner!!)

Okay guys I’m back! WOW! I am so excited with all these released names. I’ve heard snippets of the voice actors of Jean, Sasha, and Connie and I couldn’t be more excited. I think Connie’s voice actor is just perfect for the role. As an Attack on Space fan, I am used to Jonah Scott as Jean, but I think Mike’s voice will grow on me. Without further ado, here is the next two waves of characters and voice actors! You can also click here for the Jean/Connie/Sasha voice snippet and click here for the Levi/Petra/Hanji snippet!

* Jean Kirschtein – Mike McFarland
* Sasha Braus – Ashly Burch
* Connie Springer– Clifford Chapin
* Christa Lenz – Bryn Apprill
* Ymir – Elizabeth Maxwell
* Levi – Matthew Mercer
* Petra Ral – Caitlin Glass
* Hanji Zoe – Jessica Calvello
Bertholdt Fubar – David Matranga
Rico Brzenska – Morgan Garrett
Dot Pixis – R. Bruce Elliot
Hanna – Tia Ballard
Franz – James Chandler
Anka Rheinberger  – Jamie Marchi
Gustav – Keith Kubal
Daz – Brad Venable
Nack Tius – Will Short

First Round of Attack On Titan Dub Voice Actors Released

Exciting News! Today, Funimation released the the first batch of voice actors for the dubbed series of Attack On Titan. Today’s reveal included the following characters with their voice actors, respectively:

* Erwin Smith: J. Michael Tatum
* Marco Bodt: Austin Tindle
Keith Shadis: Patrick Seitz
Carla Jaeger: Jessica Cavanagh
Grisha Jaeger: Chris Hury
Hannes: David Wald
Moses: Jeff Johnson

I realized that they did not reveal any of the main characters or fan favorites today. I won’t be surprised if they wait until either the last day of their reveal series or the day of Anime Boston in two weeks for those. Those who attend Anime Boston will also have the privilege of watching the full first episode of Attack on Titan in English before anyone else.

I am honestly scared and excited to learn the rest of the names. I dislike one voice actor in particular that Funimation loves to use for every anime and I am hoping he is not in it. Otherwise, I am please so far with the cast.