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Anime and Gender Norms

What I’ve noticed throughout the few months of being into the anime scene is that it is highly judgmental if you’re male or female when watching certain anime.

Although, I do love that anime has recently become more gender neutral over the past few months as I have gotten deeper into the fandoms.

Attack on Titan, for example, showcases situations that females would normally be the “damsel in distress” but they put everyone at risk for death, not just females. Noragami also caters to a gender neutral audience. It’s just when you get into the anime’s that feature women with abnormally large busts, yaoi and yuri that are obviously catered to a specific audience in mind.

What I would like to see in the future is less about the gender of the viewer and more of why that person decides to watch a certain anime. I watched Attack on Titan and Noragami because of the recommendation of my roommate but I only kept watching it because I was interested in the content presented.


Being Obsessed with Anime: is it bad?

A lot of my non-anime friends have recently asked me if I was okay. Am I sick? Am I going through a rough time? Maybe. But the reason they were asking me this is because of my recent liking to anime. Today, I will answer some common statements I get from people.

“Oh my goodness how are you into that?” 

“Why do you like Attack on Titan so much, it’s all you talk about.”

I have to admit, I am becoming more and more into the anime scene and it has to do because of my liking to Attack on Titan. But I don’t see it as a bad thing like others do.

Anime has helped my panic attacks become less and less, especially with the introduction of fan fiction and RP’s lately. It helps me become sleepy and tired to guide me straight into sleep or sometimes I end up falling asleep with my phone in my face

Anime, specifically Attack on Titan, has also led me to a new group of online friends who understand what I go through in day to day life, like my panic attacks.

“But everyone out there is a creepy 44-year-old man pedophile person.”

No, they are not. these select few people and I have been in group chats with other people where we have seen each other’s faces  to put with our Tumblr pages. These people get me through the day and vice versa. Some are slightly older than me, some are younger, but what we all have in common is what matters.

“But it will make you believe in crazy things like magic and violence.”

The same can be said about me watching Harry Potter and playing Call of Duty. Just because I watch Harry Potter doesn’t make me think magic is real and playing Call of Duty does not make me want to be violent.

“I’m not into anime, I don’t know how you like that stuff. It’s boring”

Oh sweetie. I’ve been saying the same thing for over four years and all it took was one exceptional anime to for this to happen to me. My reasoning over this is because I like action with a good plot and Attack on Titan brings that to the table.


That’s how being obsessed with anime is not a bad thing for me. Do you think anime could be considered a bad thing at some point?

Role-Playing and Anime

Role-Playing, Or RP’s, is a popular activity for anime fans across all fandoms. Role-Playing is the act of impersonating your favorite character from an anime series with another person as another character and to talk to back and forth as those characters.

Most RP’s are of someone’s OTP (One True Pairing) or a couple they ship together. I am currently in a RP with someone with the ship JeanMarco from Attack on Titan.

The girl I am in the RP in with is Marco Bodt while I am Jean Kirschtein and we get together on Skype chat to talk to each other as those characters. The characters choose the plot of the story and there is no set end or plans for plot unless spoken and agreed upon OOC (Out Of Character: as ourselves).

Marco Bodt

Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan

I was really scared at first to try it. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if they got angry with me when I was trying to learn how to do this? I was really fortunate to have paired up with someone on Omegle one day who was patient with me from the start and the RP we have going is so great, I am writing a fan fiction based off of it.

Another great thing about role-playing is that you can become the character and feel what they are feeling in the RP and you can channel what they are presented as in the anime and bring that in as well.

Jean Kirschtein

Jean Kirschtein from Attack on Titan

When role-playing Jean, you have to channel his arrogance, anger, sadness, and selfishness all at once, since he changes in the anime after Marco dies and loses the only person who believed in him. Jean also happens to be in my Top 3 males from SNK that I like and to role play him almost comes second nature. It might also have to do with me having the same amount of patience as Jean, which is in the negative. I can honestly say, when I am Jean, I get all giddy with feelings because I ship JeanMarco like peanut butter and jelly and admit it, I am Jean Kirschtein from Trost *wink wink*. 



So if you or anyone wants to try Role-Playing anime characters or ships I recommend few things:

1. Choose a ship/pairing that you ship and make sure the character is someone you like: You won’t be interested if it’s a character you don’t like or understand.

2. Don’t stress over it, everything is improvised: You think of lines and plot as it goes on. It doesn’t have to be a long , on-going story.

3. Get to know your RP partner OOC. It helps you feel comfortable being in a RP with them in the long-run if you plan on doing it for more than one round or story line.

4. Have fun: This is your chance to act as your favorite character with someone else. Have fun and enjoy being a fictional character for a while.

Testing New Waters: Watching a New Anime

If you’re someone like me who is afraid to try new things, then you might know where I’m coming from with this post.

I am a junior in college and I haven’t even so much as passed a glance at anime since high school when my roommate showed me Attack on Titan in August. I was skeptical, of course. Every anime I was shown since 2010 only kept my interest until the end of the first episode.

Since entering the Attack on Titan fandom, I have been afraid of trying out a new anime. Am I replacing Attack on Titan as my favorite anime? Will I compare a completely different anime to Attack on Titan? Is it even possible to like another anime as much as I like Attack on Titan?

It’s been on my mind for a while now. I have, however, chosen to at least sit through, at minimum, the 1st three episodes of Noragami. I chose this anime because of my roommate’s recommendation and also because Levi and Eren’s Voice actors are in it, so I can have comfort having something from Attack on Titan in there.

My consensus? I’m already on episode 5 and I can’t stop watching it. I may have discovered a new fandom to belong to. I realized that i’m not  replacing Attack on Titan like I thought I would. I’m still scared to try anything that my roommate wont recommend, but I am glad I decided to watch this anime

Anime, Mardi Gras, and Sleep, Oh My!

Today is my first full day of Mardi Gras break from school. I keep getting asked by my friends who don’t live here in Southern Louisiana if I’m going to parades and which ones I’m going to. I simply tell them no and every response I get is “are you crazy? why?”

My answer is this.

I am not a large crowd type of person. I am in constant fear that I will be the one who gets mugged, pickpocketed, and so on. I am also the person, who for the past several years, just stayed home and done nothing. If i did go to a parade, I was with friends at all times and it was always a small parade.

Obviously, now that I am into anime, my options for entertainment have increased, but I just don’t see the big spectacle in pushing people for plastic beads that I already have a lot of.

So what will I do with 5 days off? Of course I have some work to get a head start on for school, but i’m not stressing myself over it. Instead I’ll read fan fiction, sleep, and spend time with my mom. There’s no better way I could imagine spending my break.

I know it’s different for people who are not from around here, I get that! I love experiencing new things in different places. But for me, this is what Mardi Gras is to me. Time to have some relaxation and peace.

My Daily Dose of Fan Fiction

My mornings consist of me doing several things: checking my email, brushing my teeth, and making coffee.  Now why would I check my email first?

My alarm went off at 7 am this morning, two hours before the start of my first class. When I checked my mailbox, these types emails wake me up faster than any cup of coffee ever could. Fanfic Notification

I’m not looking to see if a restaurant sent me a coupon. I am also not looking to see if my significant other sent me a cute message (we have texting for that now anyway). What I am looking for is to see if one of the 50 fan fictions I follow updated while I was sleeping.

Fan fiction is a work of fiction from a fandom usually written by unpublished, non-professional authors (the fans!). They host these stories on sites such as Archive of Our Own (AO3) for people to read and indulge in fantasies that is not present in the actual series. Most stories focus on couple pairings in AU’s (Alternate Universe) but also have canon verse, which is a universe that is the same as the series, but a different story line takes place. I read stories from the Attack on Titan fandom exclusively and sites such as AO3 give you advance search options to sort through fandoms, pairings, ratings, and much more.

Fan Fic NotificationOne of my favorites that I am reading right now is called “The Intern” by Lutte. It is a multi-chapter story that hosts the Attack on Titan characters in a modern AU and the main pairing is Ereri (Eren Jaeger and Levi; it’s also the most popular pairing in the series). It’s about Eren having an internship at “The Survey Corporation” and how one ride in the elevator of his apartment complex changed his life forever. Most AU’s have important names and places from the series uniquely worked in each story.

Do you read fan fiction? What is your favorite at the moment?

Mechacon X: My First Con!

I am so excited tonight guys.

Tonight I secured my hotel room for Mechacon X, the anime convention that takes place in New Orleans, LA every August. This is the 10th year Mechacon holds the annual convention in southern Louisiana; the 4th year of it being held in New Orleans.

This con started off pretty rocky, with its opening weekend in August 2005 in Lafayette, LA, closing mere hours before Hurricane Katrina devastated the coast.  Mechacon bounced back and averaged 11,300 (turnstile attendees) for Mechacon IX in August 2013.

This also will be my first anime convention since entering the world of anime last September. I will be staying with my college roommate and 2 other friends at the hotel so we won’t have to worry about driving to and from the convention (plus it means we can buy things and just drop it off in the room, which is great!) The features of Mechacon include cosplayers (people dressing up as anime characters), vendors selling anime merchandise, panels (usually voice actors, sometimes authors) and much more. The con even includes a rave on the 2nd night of the convention.

Have any of you been to a con before? Maybe some of you are Mechacon attendees? If you have any tips or advice about getting the most out of anime conventions, please feel free to share some tips in a comment!


Anime: Not Your Typical American Cartoon

Being a 90’s kid, I grew up watching cartoons like any normal child. I watched Nickelodeon and Disney Channel shows throughout the day and grew up with Spongebob Squarepants, The Rugrats, plus more.

Then there was Pokemon and Sailor Moon. To be honest, I thought these were cartoons made here in the United States. I was wrong.

It was in fact anime, which is defined as “Japanese movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme and sometimes including violent or explicitly sexual material.”  Although in Japan, anime refers to anything that is animated. Here in the United States, we relate the word anime to a show featuring colorful characters with vibrant colors such as Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

I’ve noticed several things about anime thoughout the years of watching anime that the Japanese tend to hide underlying morals in their plot lines.  Granted, I haven’t watched all anime out there, but from the ones I have watched such as Pokemon and Sailor Moon, there is always a goal to be achieved. The main protagonist usually always has obstacles in the way of their goal.

2In Pokemon, Ash Ketchum leaves home at the age of 10 to become a Pokemon Master. It is customary for children in that world to leave their home and start their journey to catch all Pokemon in the world. Pokemon are animal-like creatures who have powers to fight Pokemon gym leaders and earn badges. Once one can defeat all 12 gym leaders, they can call themselves a Pokemon master. Ash is however forced to overcome obstacles in his journey especially from the group Team Rocket, who is the main antagonist in the story. Jesse and James with their Pokemon Meowth (this particular Pokemon is the only one in the series who speaks human words, all others can only say their name) with the sole purpose of stealing Ash’s Pikachu for their boss. The message relayed in this series can be interpreted as although obstacles stand in our way, if we fight the good fight, our dreams can become reality.

A similar situation is present in Sailor Moon. Serena (known as Usagi in the Japanese version) is a junior high student who is a regular girl to most, but when needed can change into Sailor Moon, who protects the world from 2athe evil group called the Dark Kingdom, who is the main antagonist in this series. She also has to deal her insecurities and fears while fighting as well, relaying out the message that with our challenges in life, all we have to do is believe in ourselves to overcome anything. Serena is also slowly introduced to other girls who has the same powers as her as the story goes on such as Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus. The newer series reveals more characters that follow the same names after the planets in our Solar System.

Anime can be a relief from reality for many people. It takes you into a world where you can relate to fictional people who face the same obstacles as you do while not being judged for anything, therefore, anime is not only entertainment, anime can be a major part of someone’s life. Unlike the cartoons that I watched on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, people can relate to the characters in anime, it’s almost as if they are real people who go through the similar problems. Anime, to me, has become a part of my life that I have no intentions of letting go of. It is a means of stress relief and even as a mechanism to cope with my mild depression I have sometimes. To put simply, anime can be a way of knowing that we are not alone in the reality we call life.

My question to you is why do you like anime? Does it affect you the same way?

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys! Welcome to my humble anime blog. This blog will serve as an outlet to those wishing to receive more insight on the world of anime and how people can relate to fictional worlds and people.

The underlying theme of this blog will focus on the different aspects of anime including current issues, highlights, specific fandom information and more. The main anime will be Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) but will include other anime as well. I hope you stick around for this semester and journey along with me for an exciting adventure! ^_^

(( This blog is for my MACO 321 class at my current university as the main project of the class.))