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My Top 5 Attack on Titan Fan Fiction Recs

Fan Fiction has become an essential part of my life lately and I feel like I should recommend a few of my favorites to those who might want to start reading. These will be in the order my favorite to the least favorite, although, they have all equally gained my approval for quality. I also judge update consistency in the order. They will be of the Attack On Titan fandom only and the stories will be linked as well if you want to read them. These are not all of my favorites, but simply the ones I recently enjoyed.

** = NSFW (Not Safe For Work/sexual material)
♦ = Fluff (cute things, cuddling, ect)

Main Paring: Ereri (Eren x Levi)

1. The Intern by Lutte (**, not complete) :

I love this fic. The plot is very well thought out and the characters are representations of their canon counterparts in a way. The author updates every Thursday and is very consistent with the story flow: not moving too fast nor too slow. I am pleased with the overall story and I look forward to Thursdays for the updates. The author also incorporates names and places into the story from the series that makes it more credible as an Attack on Titan fan fic.

2. In This Life by TheArtOfWar (♦, not complete):

This is the best reincarnation fic I have read for this fandom. The characters are basically set in the modern world but remember their past lives as people who fought titans. Most of them have the same names in their new life as well and they try to live as normally as possible, considering they didn’t have a normal life in the past one. This was one of those stories that I found when I wasn’t looking for it and I’m glad I did. It also has Fem!Levi (Levi got reincarnated into a girl) and it give this fic that dash of something different!

3. Help Me Stand by Ichigoangel (**,self-harm, complete):
This fic made me cry at points. This is about Eren and Levi both going through tough times and life and having to deal with addictions  and self-harm because of traumatic events that occurred to them. It’s a story of how each other is their lifeline and being able to eventually overcome hardship in life.

4. Blind Date by Daktasanity (**, not complete):
This fic is for those who don’t mind a fast pace into the relationship. This was also another one of those “found while not looking for” fics and I can say with the newer chapters, Levi’s sweet side has been coming out in which I personally like. Levi is not much of an emotional person in the anime so I love reading Levi being a sappy romantic at some point.

5. The Hand That Saves by Aeronightstructures (angst, not complete):
This would have been higher on my list if it wasn’t for the lack of updates this seems to have, I would really like to see what continues to happen. This fic is in canon verse and is set 10 years in the future from where the manga currently is. I love seeing this as a “what if” to the series.

*Note: You can skip the NSFW scenes in these fics without losing much plot. It’s understandable that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Please don’t let this hinder you from reading these fics.


My Daily Dose of Fan Fiction

My mornings consist of me doing several things: checking my email, brushing my teeth, and making coffee.  Now why would I check my email first?

My alarm went off at 7 am this morning, two hours before the start of my first class. When I checked my mailbox, these types emails wake me up faster than any cup of coffee ever could. Fanfic Notification

I’m not looking to see if a restaurant sent me a coupon. I am also not looking to see if my significant other sent me a cute message (we have texting for that now anyway). What I am looking for is to see if one of the 50 fan fictions I follow updated while I was sleeping.

Fan fiction is a work of fiction from a fandom usually written by unpublished, non-professional authors (the fans!). They host these stories on sites such as Archive of Our Own (AO3) for people to read and indulge in fantasies that is not present in the actual series. Most stories focus on couple pairings in AU’s (Alternate Universe) but also have canon verse, which is a universe that is the same as the series, but a different story line takes place. I read stories from the Attack on Titan fandom exclusively and sites such as AO3 give you advance search options to sort through fandoms, pairings, ratings, and much more.

Fan Fic NotificationOne of my favorites that I am reading right now is called “The Intern” by Lutte. It is a multi-chapter story that hosts the Attack on Titan characters in a modern AU and the main pairing is Ereri (Eren Jaeger and Levi; it’s also the most popular pairing in the series). It’s about Eren having an internship at “The Survey Corporation” and how one ride in the elevator of his apartment complex changed his life forever. Most AU’s have important names and places from the series uniquely worked in each story.

Do you read fan fiction? What is your favorite at the moment?