Mechacon X: My First Con!

I am so excited tonight guys.

Tonight I secured my hotel room for Mechacon X, the anime convention that takes place in New Orleans, LA every August. This is the 10th year Mechacon holds the annual convention in southern Louisiana; the 4th year of it being held in New Orleans.

This con started off pretty rocky, with its opening weekend in August 2005 in Lafayette, LA, closing mere hours before Hurricane Katrina devastated the coast.  Mechacon bounced back and averaged 11,300 (turnstile attendees) for Mechacon IX in August 2013.

This also will be my first anime convention since entering the world of anime last September. I will be staying with my college roommate and 2 other friends at the hotel so we won’t have to worry about driving to and from the convention (plus it means we can buy things and just drop it off in the room, which is great!) The features of Mechacon include cosplayers (people dressing up as anime characters), vendors selling anime merchandise, panels (usually voice actors, sometimes authors) and much more. The con even includes a rave on the 2nd night of the convention.

Have any of you been to a con before? Maybe some of you are Mechacon attendees? If you have any tips or advice about getting the most out of anime conventions, please feel free to share some tips in a comment!



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