Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys! Welcome to my humble anime blog. This blog will serve as an outlet to those wishing to receive more insight on the world of anime and how people can relate to fictional worlds and people.

The underlying theme of this blog will focus on the different aspects of anime including current issues, highlights, specific fandom information and more. The main anime will be Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) but will include other anime as well. I hope you stick around for this semester and journey along with me for an exciting adventure! ^_^

(( This blog is for my MACO 321 class at my current university as the main project of the class.))



    1. This blog is for a Mass Communication class. All of my classmates have their own blogs on this site for the main project (most of our grade is based on this too.) We were able to choose the type of blog we want to run, like how I chose to have an anime blog with a focus on Attack on Titan. Others chose fashion, travel, fitness, ect. I came up with “Attack on Anime” to incorporate the Attack on Titan focus with the general theme of anime so I wouldn’t be limited to just SNK. I also chose to run this type of blog because I already run a Tumblr blog for the SNK fandom and have been for 5 months now. We have different assignments each week for our blogs like we usually need to have 2 posts a week and we get graded on those posts. We will be needing to add more multimedia content as the semester goes by though. Hope this answers your question!

      1. Oh wow, that is fantastic, me being a scientist and have nothing to do with any kind of journalism or any English-related subject, I think iv done a pretty good job 🙂 It’s awesome to see this and I hope you do well in your assignments. Ps. If your the teacher of this blogger, give them a good grade :p. Lol. Well have fun.

    1. I had this blog from January- May for my school project but I have been on Tumblr since October 2013. Granted, this one is way more organized with tags than my Tumblr lol. I need to try and bring this blog back to life ^_^

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